Studholme Speaks on Planning and Zoning

October 12, 2016

Anne Studholme speaks on "Planning and Zoning - What Does it Mean to Have a 'Rational Basis' for a Zoning Ordinance?" at the NJICLE/NJAPA "Land Use Institute" on December 13.

In the next 25 years, New Jersey's demographics will change dramatically as the baby boomers, the millennials and the recent large wave of immigrants move through life's milestones. The baby boomers, many of whom moved to the state in their 20s and 30s and were the driving force behind suburban expansion in the 80s, are now aging and retiring, and will have different housing needs in the next phase of their lives. Their children -- the millennials -- and a large, diverse immigrant population, are changing the landscape of our cities and towns and are spurring urban redevelopment. The suburbs are facing challenges they never thought they would, as tenants vacate office space and malls and tax bases erode.

Meanwhile, the development process in New Jersey is lengthy and cumbersome. It can take several years to bring projeccts to fruition.  NJICLE's Land Use Institute, co-sponsored by APA-NJ, provides a "bird's eye" view of what our current and future population trends are and examines how they are likely to impact our land use and municipal clients.