Matrimonial/Family Law


In what originally began as another means of servicing the recurring legal needs of businesspeople it represents, Post Polak has for decades maintained a distinct practice in the area of family law. Post Polak approaches this practice with the same common sense and emphasis on cost-effectiveness it employs in commercial disputes, but, of course, with a full appreciation of the sensitivity of the area and the impact it can have on the lives of those involved. Too often, we hear the complaint that the attorneys are the only parties who "win" in divorce, custody, visitation and other family law proceedings. Post Polak views such an outcome as being diametrically opposed to the role a lawyer undertakes in family law matters.

Because our clients confront decisions that profoundly affect their lives and the lives of their children, we think it is critical that those decisions be made by a person who is fully, ethically and professionally informed about his or her options, and with as accurate and reliable a projection of what the "finish line" may look like as can be made in an area that is often uncertain. Whether it be a divorce, a custody matter or other family law issue, Post Polak strives to protect and advance its clients' rights and enable them to make well-reasoned decisions that are as free as possible from the emotion and strife inherent in family disputes.

And with decades of collective experience in this area, our family lawyers are very sensitive to the psychological impact that divorce and other family law proceedings have upon the client and other members of the family unit (particularly children), as well as how their decisions and actions can reduce or heighten that impact. Our goal is to seek the best economic result we can for a client, but, at the same time, strive to help our client avoid or minimize the psychological "collateral damage" that unfortunately tends to accompany family disputes.

Post Polak's family lawyers regularly negotiate and prepare pre-nuptial agreements, property settlement agreements, co-habitation agreements and other related documents often considered between spouses, parents and co-habitants. In those unfortunate situations where litigation has been necessary, the Post Polak Family Law Group has litigated to conclusion the full scope of family law issues and proceedings. This includes divorce, equitable distribution, alimony, support and maintenance, domestic violence, adoption, termination of parental rights and "best interests" proceedings involving children, along with the many "working parts" of those areas, such as accountings, business valuations, stock valuations, lifestyle analysis, dealing with psychologists, social workers and other mental health experts, matrimonial pension issues, issues involving governmental child protective services agencies, and engaging in mediation and arbitration of both economic and non-economic issues in family law proccedings.