Post Polak Assists Pro Bono Client in Reopening Summer Camp

June 6, 2019

From 1938 until it closed in 2008, Eagle Island in Upper Saranac Lake, New York,  housed a Camp which provided a wonderful summer experience for thousands of girl scouts.   The Camp, which consists of a 30 acre island and includes a National Historic Landmark  Adirondack Great Camp, was closed in 2008 by the Heart of New Jersey Girl Scout Council, and put up for sale, with the prospect of never reopening as a youth camp .  A dedicated group of  former campers decided to save it.  The effort was not an easy one on many levels, and required,  among other things, the need to overcome significant legal obstacles that stood in the way of the Camp’s restoration and reopening.  To that end, Post Polak, and particularly Bob Goodsell, donated hundreds of hours and significant firm resources to ensure that these problematic legal issues would not stand in the way of the project’s success. These efforts included initiating litigation to prevent a sale until legal issues regarding the Camp’s possible use were addressed, eventually resulting in a settlement which allowed the non-profit Eagle Island, Inc., to acquire the Camp.  Bob also worked tirelessly and creatively to obtain the land use approvals needed to restore the youth camp use. We are pleased to report  that the Camp is reopening this summer with a future that is brighter than ever.  Post Polak applauds our colleague Bob Goodsell for his determined and skillful efforts towards that end. 
The link below it so a recent piece about the reopening that aired on North Country Public Radio:

For more about the Camp please visit the following link: