March 16, 2020

Post Polak is facing the “new normal” of the Coronavirus and taking proactive steps to protect our valued employees, clients, business and professional affiliates, and the public at large.  Post Polak will continue to serve our clients during the Coronavirus outbreak in a manner that best fits with public health protocols.  We are encouraging employees to work remotely.   Our office will remain open, subject to any further governmental mandates.  Attorneys and paraprofessionals will be reachable and they are equipped with the technical tools to address most issues that may arise, even if working remotely.    Of course, the attorneys of this office handling matters for or with you will inform you of any governmental limitations that would affect any particular legal matter.  
We wish you a healthy passage through this difficult period and urge everyone to follow the advice and recommendations of the experts in dealing with this situation.  But we also want you to know that we are here and continuing to do what we do best, even in light of the limitations and difficulties we all face.