March 1, 2019

The Roseland New Jersey law firm of Post, Polak, Goodsell & Strauchler, PA, has changed its name to Post Polak.    Managing partner Fred Polak explained the name change as follows:
“Even as our firm has continuously diversified and expanded not only with the introduction of new attorneys but also broadened practice areas, we have strived to be known as an institution and not merely one attorney or groups of attorneys within a larger practice. Adopting a shortened, more institutional name that has for a long time been the name by which the public knows and identifies us is only a logical step towards that goal. Of course, we want each and every one of our attorneys, at all levels, to  make their own marks in the legal community. We feel that having a “brand name” that takes away the traditional emphasis on the ‘name partner’ concept better enables them to achieve that success while allowing the firm to share in that success. It also allows the entire Post Polak family to better recognize that the firm’s achievement is their achievement as well.” 

Founding partner John Post aptly observed that: 
“For years everyone has known and referred to us as ‘Post Polak’ and in an age where name branding has become customary for law firms, our name brand has effectively been given to us  by colleagues, judges, clients, and many, many others who know or deal with us. Fortunately, we believe we have earned, in four decades of existence, a good reputation and we want that good reputation associated with a lasting, single name, even as our attorneys move up in the ranks, partners retire, new attorneys join us and all the other ordinary changing dynamics in a law firm occur. No matter what may occur we want our employees, clients and the public to know that we are Post Polak and that will not change.”   
Indeed, while its name now may be shortened, nothing else will change at Post Polak.  The firm will still endeavor to provide the highest quality legal services to its private and public sector clients in a variety of practice areas and industries including hospitality law, corporate law, real estate law, alcoholic beverage law, cannabis law, municipal, county and state government law, personal injury, workers compensation, labor and employment law, aviation law, tax planning and tax dispute law, trusts and estates, corporate and commercial litigation, general equity law, white collar crime defense,  entertainment law, family law,  land use law, redevelopment law, and general litigation. The name change is effective January 1, 2019.