PPGS Legal Work Called “Outstanding” By Judge Hearing Complex Litigation

January 12, 2018

In a complex multi-defendant lawsuit, Post Polak’s work was described by the New Jersey Superior Judge deciding the case as “outstanding.” This occurred as the Court was awarding legal fees for Post Polak’s work in the case. The Court observed that Post Polak’s work “required top level legal skill” in a case that “involved state and federal statutes together with regulatory regimes and complex analysis of case law,” an “extensive factual background,” and “highly technical discovery on behalf of multiple parties.” The Court recognized the “outstanding litigation skills” of the firm’s attorneys on behalf of its client, a Fortune 200 worldwide banking and financial services corporation. In awarding legal fees for the work of PPGS, the Court said that success had “required not only outstanding litigation skills but also expertise in all aspects” of the substantive law.

Anne Studholme has handled the case since 2012, and PPGS partner Robert Goodsell was also instrumental in the successful result.