Siobhan Beere Receives Interdisciplinary Collaborative Law Certification

December 6, 2017

Siobhan Beere recently received her Certification in Interdisciplinary Collaborative Law. Collaborative Law is an emerging field of practice and increasingly popular tool whereby separating or divorcing spouses utilize the resources of various professionals, (which may include financial or mental health professionals), along with highly experienced family law attorneys, to assist them in resolving all issues arising out of the marriage in a respectful and civil manner without resorting to litigation. This process not only assists the parties in becoming better communicators with each other but often also assists in laying the foundation for better co-parenting skills post separation. The technique has become increasingly popular in divorce matters as the process encourages spouses facing divorce and custody related issues to resolve to settle their cases by way of a less expensive and acrimonious resolution mechanism. Most importantly, the process ensures that “the dirty laundry” does not get aired out in court.

As someone who worked in the mental health field for several years and completed her Masters in Forensic Psychology, Siobhan feels strongly about the importance of resolving matters amicably in divorce actions for the betterment of the family system. Siobhan intends to continue her training in the practice of collaborative law and implement those skills in her current practice areas.